Friday, May 17, 2013

The "Zionist government" is going to stage mass terrorist acts as an excuse to "set up innocent American patriots and gun-owners!"

April, 2013.

In a long and rambling post, David Chase Taylor, a "" commentator, makes the assertion that the government is planning a massive "false flag" terror attack against its own people, destroying landmarks, and even start another civil war, in order to create an excuse to take away everyone's guns.

According to this (more wacko than usual) pro-gun conspiracy, the militia group that planned to commit acts of terror in Atlanta, the Hutaree, is actually a government-controlled group which will be used for future terrorist acts.  Furthermore, Alex Jones (a popular conspiracy theorist in his own right who is no stranger to this blog) is promoting this act of terror by our government and is a "Zionist" conspiracist.  According to Taylor:
Based on the evidence and events surrounding the 2011 mock trial of the Hutaree Terror Militia and alleged STRATFOR tool and Zionist operative Alex Jones’ rabid defense of the right-wing ultra-Christian militia group, it now appears that the Hutaree Militia is in fact a U.S. government funded and operated domestic terror group that will commit future acts of terror within the United States in a calculated attempt to further demonize, disparage and ultimately set-up innocent American patriots and gun-owners.
Yes, that's right, this conspiracy theorist, in the space of one long sentence, has managed to mash together the government, the Hutaree militia, Jews, and even (in the ultimate irony) conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in a government-run conspiracy theory to disenfranchise (gasp!) "innocent American patriots and gun owners."


Oh, but it gets much better.  In his ramblings, he manages to use as "evidence" of this conspiracy everything from the Boston bombings to "Family Guy" episodes.  He even uses a recent move by an NBA team as "evidence."

And just for good measure, he rolls out an Alex Jones assertion that the Oklahoma City bombing was also staged by the government, and that (in Taylor's mind) means they will do so again.

He goes on to argue that the goal of the "Zionist government" is to destroy landmarks, like the Hoover Dam, in order to create a new civil war and somehow make gun owners want to rise up against their government, so that the government can then remove all guns:
The goal of the Zionists who control America is to get America to destroy herself the same way that Russia was destroyed under Stalin. This is done by dividing and then collapse society upon itself by baiting the gun-owning American public into a violent revolution against their own police and military while the Zionist terrorists sit off-shore and pull the strings. In order to accomplish this, they must pain the U.S. government as the aggressor.
Way to work in the "communism" comparison!

I'll say it again:  Wow.  This is one, crazy, convoluted and fevered brain to come up with this stuff.

Just another wacko pro-gun conspiracy theory!