About the Pro-Gun Conspiracy Theories! Blog

Hey, did you hear it?  The government's out to get your guns!  The mass shooting last month was "staged" by the government!  The president is intentionally trying to kill Mexicans to justify an attack on the Second Amendment!  The government is gearing up for civil war and martial law!  The United Nations is about to invade us!

These are the ridiculous assertions that the pro-gun extremists want you to think (or, if they are schizophrenic, that's what they think themselves).  These even go beyond the crazy assertion that any gun reform, no matter how small, is going to lead to complete civilian disarmament. This is real "tinfoil hat" territory.  These aren't the beliefs of mainstream, average gun owners, but rather the delusions of the fringe extremists and fear-mongers   Unfortunately, as you'll see on this blog, some of them are in positions of power and influence.

There have been so many crazy conspiracy theories that I had to start this blog to keep track of them all.  

The pro-gun movement doesn't want people to think that the free accessibility of guns to dangerous people has anything to do with mass murders or dangers in society, so they find real or imagined scapegoats, such as the President, the United Nations, Jews, or even the "Illuminati."

Why do they make up these conspiracy theories?  At the root of many of these is a deep distrust of authority and our government, choosing the government entities or the President as their target.  Some are racist, blaming Jews, for instance.  Others are simply the result of an unstable mind, like those that blame the "Illuminati" or some other unseen and fictitious target.  

And some seem geared toward drumming up gun sales, like those conspiracy theories pushed by the NRA and other gun lobbies.  Fear and paranoia are the stock and trade of the gun industry, at least in the self-defense market.  You wouldn't buy a gun for self-defense unless you had an unhealthy dose of fear to drive the purchase.  Unless you make your livelihood in law enforcement, security, bail bondsman, or some other high-risk job, or are actively being stalked, then chances are that fear is better characterized as paranoia, since the average citizen isn't likely to ever need a gun to protect themselves, and having a gun actually increases your chance of being killed.

If you doubt that last statement, consider the facts.  A gun in the home is 22 times more likely to be used to harm you than to protect you.  And if you carry that gun on the street with you, you are 4.5 times more likely to be killed.

But the gun industry wants you afraid -- very afraid.  Not just of the bad guys, but even of our government.  Be afraid of the stranger on the street, too, and in coffee houses, restaurants, and schools.  You never know what they may be thinking, so you'd better carry a loaded gun with you at all times!  Guilty until proven innocent.

Consider, for instance, the NRA's "circus of fear" of statements they've made to keep you afraid.  Fear sells guns.  LOTS of guns.  And that's just fine with the gun manufacturers who "donate" tens of millions of dollars a year to the NRA in return for NRA lobbying on their behalf.

Here's a who's who of extremist pro-gun radio fearmongers and their guests who perpetuate these conspiracy theories.

These fringe fearmongers don't want you to believe that gun owners are actually responsible for shootings.  They would rather you believe that ALL gun owners are responsible citizens only interested in self-protection.  Those shootings by previously law-abiding citizens?  Never mind those!  That's just some sort of government set-up staged to give them reason to take away your gunzzz.

I submit, if the pro-gun side wants to find REAL conspiracies, they need only look to themselves.

(this blog is not associated with any gun violence prevention organization)