Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The government is going to use drones to spy on gun owners!

April, 2014.

Pro-gun activist types are always paranoid about the government (or any authority, really) and about being "spied on."

Now, one extremist site, Off Grid Survival (which, of course, is in the business of selling things to survivalist types) insists that the government, specifically the ATF, is trying to buy up drones to "spy" on gun owners.

They base this fevered assertion on a single promotional video put out by a manufacturer of drones, called Shadowhawk, which simulates a law enforcement usage of a drone to monitor an illegal gun sale.  Extrapolating from this to a ridiculous degree, the web site somehow makes the leap in logic that this video is evidence that the government is doing this.

Even more fantastic, this same survivalist site then goes yet another step further.  They cite a statement from the attorney general, where he states that the ATF has considered using drones but that only the FBI has done so already.  Naturally this means the ATF has already done so, right? 

Of course, there is no actual evidence of any of this, but we wouldn't want facts to color their judgement...

Just another wacko pro-gun conspiracy theory!