Tuesday, May 5, 2015

President Obama is conspiring to ban ALL ammo!

May, 2015

The latest hate thrown down on, of course, President Obama (as usual), by the brain-addled leaders of the NRA is (drum roll please) the banning of ALL ammo for everyone in the U.S.

Not satisfied with the usual paranoid line that all guns are going to be banned, this month the NRA has projected that delusion to ammunition.

Previously, pro-gun conspiracy theorists had claimed that Obama was going to buy up all the ammunition to keep it out of civilian hands, and that this government buy up of ammo was going to be joined by martial law (and take your guns away, too!).

Now, according to the nut jobs at the nation's biggest gun lobby, they don't just want to buy it up, but ban it altogether.

According to an article at MediaMatters,the argument is based on the movement to ban lead from our environment, mostly due to hunter's bullets, which have been responsible for a dangerous increase in lead intake by scavengers such as the endangered California Condor.
In the May issue of the NRA's magazine, America's 1st Freedom, LaPierre wrote, "President Barack Obama is setting the table to ban your ammunition -- all of it," and claimed that "the remaining two years of Obama's term pose the greatest threat ever to the Second Amendment and our freedom."
LaPierre imagined a ludicrous scheme where "two fatal turns of events" would lead the EPA to ban all lead ammunition and, subsequently, the Obama administration to ban all non-lead ammunition. According to LaPierre, "The president's bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are partnering with private enviro-radicals to ban lead projectiles -- including all hunting bullets -- as hazardous."
Despite the fact that the EPA has given no indication that it is preparing regulations on lead ammunition, LaPierre insisted that the agency is still seeking a ban.
Of course, there's no shortage of non-lead bullets to go around.

And the argument is also due to a failed attempt at stronger regulation of AR-15 bullets that can (and do) pierce the protective vests of law enforcement:

The ATF announced its intent to try and ban a particular type of AR-15 ammunition known as M855, or "green tip," in February. Citing concerns for the safety of law enforcement officers, the ATF said the move was necessary because the round contains a steel penetrator, which makes it more powerful than other types of ammunition used in the AR-15.
If Obama "can set a precedent by banning AR-15 ammunition," LaPierre wrote, "he is well on his way to banning any and all of the ammo his anti-freedom heart desires."

But the proposed ban was withdrawn.

But, hey, it's easier to whip up a frenzy in the pro-gun, paranoid minds of NRA followers if you exaggerate and irrationally extrapolate these minor examples into an all-out ban, right?  That's the only way the NRA can get memberships.

Just another wacko pro-gun conspiracy theory!