Thursday, May 2, 2013

The "Illuminati" used a Batman movie to brainwash the shooters into committing the Sandy Hook and Aurora mass shootings!

December, 2012.

Momentary scenes in the movie which feature the words "Sandy Hook" and "Aurora", according to this theory, were actually placed there by the "Illuminati" in order to play mind games with viewers and brainwash them into committing mass murder.   
These momentary mentions are supposedly used to “brainwash” the viewers into committing the Sandy Hook massacre.  And who is behind this “brainwashing”?  Why, the “Illuminati”, of course (anytime you see the word Illuminati, it’s safe to say that the user is a wacko conspiracy theorist).  Said one conspiracy theorist: 
I was denying to myself that this shooting was staged by the deep state and the Illuminati just like the last one in the movie theatre in Colorado. But not anymore. It’s impossible to deny now. These are huge red flags. The filmmakers of The Dark Knight Rises must answer why they dropped these hints in their film. Is this a sick game their playing with the public? Are they dropping hints to themselves?

Just another wacko pro-gun conspiracy theory!