Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Sandy Hook school shooter, Adam Lanza, committed his acts as a means to "bring gun control to the fore, so as to punish his gun-loving mother" after he had killed her!

February, 2013.

This conspiracy theory was suggested by the pro-gun blogger, "Rick F.", from the Truth About Guns blog site.  From that page:  

Is it possible that Lanza reckoned that killing little children en masse would be the final act that would bring gun-control to the fore — so as to punish his gun-loving mother?  Obviously, other acts of violence (while similarly awful) had not created the groundswell of anti-gun rhetoric that has come about as a result of this event.  If true, anti-gunners are playing right into the hands of a madman — though I doubt they’d care.
Said one of the commenters to the post:
I had said that if someone really wanted to create enough backlash to ban guns and it meant enough to them that they would martyr themselves, they would need to shoot up an elementary school or a day care. I would really hate to think that I was right, but we see where it’s going.
Another took it even further, suggesting that Lanza was somehow programmed to kill by our government:
I’ve been saying for a while that due to the speed with which the Left and the Antis jumped on the gun control bandwagon after Sandy Hook that Adam Lanza was a tool of those self-same groups, set up to ignite the gun control debate. Who knows, the conspiracy could even extend all the way to the highest levels of our government.
Another commenter took it further still, suggesting that those who advocate for gun regulation wouldn't have stopped the shooter even if they'd had a chance:
Hell, if gun grabbers knew what he was going to do beforehand they wouldn’t stop him. They would condone his actions. We are dealing with some disgusting people, do not put it past them to celebrate the death of anyone even children if it means furthering their agenda. Just look at how they praised Dorner.

Just another wacko pro-gun conspiracy theory!