Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Virginia Tech shooting never happened and survivor Colin Goddard is a "fraudster" and "Zionist mole" who is part of a "Zionist cabal!"

January, 2014.

On April 16, 2007, a mentally-troubled young man went on a shooting spree on the campus of Virginia Tech University.  When the bullets stopped flying, 32 students had been shot and killed and 17 others injured before the gunman took his own life.  It stands as the largest mass shooting by a single gunman in the world, and has come to be called the Virginia Tech Massacre.

One of those who were injured was a student named Colin Goddard.  Trapped in a classroom when the shooter entered, Goddard was shot multiple times and had to undergo month of recovery and physical therapy to walk again.  He still has three bullets in his body.  Since the shooting, he has become one of the nation's most outspoken shooting survivors calling for stronger gun regulation.  There has even been a documentary made of him, called "Living for 32."

Colin is a very handsome, well-spoken young man whom I happen to have met, when I hosted him for a number of showings of "Living for 32" in my area.  He even showed me the scars from his gunshot wounds.

But all of that isn't important to the pro-gun conspiracy theorists.  They'll do anything to downplay or cast doubt on any shooting that makes them look bad, including attacking the credibility of survivors or victim families.

Enter the conspiracy theory / anti-Semite website  Their claim is that Colin Goddard was never actually at the shooting, that he faked his wounds, and that he is a "Zionist mole" and part of an "arch-antagonistic, rabid, extremist Zionist cabal."  In fact, they claim the shooting never happened at all!

And even though the webpage actually shows images of the wounds, they nonetheless claim it to be makeup!  From the article:

A living fraudster as mentioned by one of our posters is far more valuable to the ruling cabal than a dead one. Thus, Goddard is continuously involved with the attempt to corrupt the rule of the land by impugning the people’s rights for self defense.   ....
Goddard did the bidding of the arch-antagonistic, rabid, extremist Zionist cabal and was aply rewarded through the production of his own documentary  ....

All that is claimed by Goddard and his Zionist collaborators relating to Virginia Tech is a lie. ....
These fabricated injuries – a fact which is absolute – lends evidence to the fact that the Virginia Tech was a fake shooting like the others – like Sandy Hook, LAX, Nairobi, the DC Navy yard event – and far more.

Their "proof" that it is faked?  The best they can offer is claims of inconsistency in reporting of where the wounds were on Colin's body.  And, of course, they have nothing at all to lend regarding the shooting being part of a "Zionist cabal."  Nevermind that the whole shooting would have required the cooperation of a huge number of students, school administration, local emergency personnel, local and national media, and a number of federal agencies.  Were all those thousands of people part of "cabal" too??

Just another wacko pro-gun conspiracy theory!