Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Sandy Hook shooting was "scripted" and never really happened!

February, 2014.

A self-professed "school shooting expert," Wolfgang Halbig, has decided that the shooting at Sandy
Pro-gun conspiracy wacko Wolfgang Halbig (source)
Hook Elementary in Newton, CT, was a scripted event and no one was actually killed.  According to an article:
“..I suspect, in my professional opinion as a consultant and doing this a long, long time, I think it’s a scripted event that took place. I think it was in planning for maybe two, two and a half years,” Halbig said recently in an explosive interview with American Free Press.

His "proof?"  He cites how medical helicopters were never requested (never mind that there weren't any injured victims, only dead ones), that medical examiners finished "within 11 minutes" (of course, when little bodies are blown apart with assault weapons and no one is moving or breathing, it's a little hard to get it wrong), port-o-potties were on-site within three hours (what? they can't be efficient with getting places to pee??), he questioned how someone with Asperger's could have the ability to carry the guns and ammo (clearly he doesn't understand that people with Asperger's don't usually have significant physical handicaps), no one would share details with him such as which environmental organization did the crime scene cleanup (if someone was accusing you of a conspiracy theory, would you?).

Finally, after all his poking around and harassing, he got a visit from state investigators who wondered what he was up to and told him to knock it off. Naturally, to a pro-gun conspiracy theorist, this is an obvious sign of a cover-up and not, you know, law enforcement actually investigating why someone is prying into crime details.

Never mind the fact that an entire town has been traumatized by the loss of loved ones and all the children who went to the school witnessed the shooting, and the fact that a coverup of this magnitude would require that the entire town take part in it along with a wide range of city services, school administration, and a number of state and federal agencies.

The simple fact that mass shootings take place nearly every week in America escapes this loony.  But then, we wouldn't want to actually put the blame where it belongs:  on yet another demented gun nut with mental problems in a society that is all-too-willing to arm him.

Just another wacko pro-gun conspiracy theory!