Saturday, November 2, 2013

The LAX mass shooting was a setup by the Los Angeles Police Department!

November, 2013.

A deranged man, Paul Ciancia, 23, with a grudge against the TSA and anti-government paranoia, went into Terminal 3 of Los Angeles Airport, walked up to the TSA security screening area, pulled out an assault rifle, and opened fire.  One TSA agent, Gerardo Hernandez, was killed, two more were injured.  He injured others in the terminal, as well, until a police officer shot and injured him, taking him into custody.

As with other mass shootings, the tin foil pro-gun crowd immediately jumped to the conclusion that the government must surely have been behind the whole thing, somehow.

One YouTube pro-gun poster who posts as "ThinkOutside The TV" wasted no time, videotaping a TV airing of the Los Angeles Police Chief giving a press announcement about the shooting.

What was so damning that *clearly* indicates that the police department had set up the whole shooting (and thus made Mr. Ciancia a patsy, instead of blaming the shooter or the society that arms him)?  The police chief indicated that his department had trained for exactly this scenario only three weeks before!  And, to add fuel to the fire, two of the men behind the chief made movements when he said that: one looked down for a moment, and another wiped his face.  Clear evidence!  Enough to post to the world that the police department is somehow behind this, right?  Right??

See the video from this conspiracy nut HERE:

And what possible motive would the police department have for staging a mass shooting in their airport?  "ThinkOutside The TV" doesn't deign to offer a theory, of course, because it's nonsense.

The really fascinating part about this case  is that the shooter, himself, is a conspiracy theory nut!  According to Hatewatch, Ciancia had bought into the whole New World Order conspiracy theory (that our government was conspiring with other governments to merge and become one world government, thus losing our national sovereignty), was viciously anti-government, and hated the TSA with a passion.  So is it really surprising that one conspiracy nut would be doubting the guilt of another conspiracy nut?

From an article:
Paul Anthony Ciancia, who allegedly wounded three other TSA workers before being shot and critically wounded himself, also expressed antagonism toward the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its chief until she resigned in August, Janet Napolitano, the source said. Ciancia’s note called former Secretary Napolitano a “bull dyke” and contained the phrase “FU Janet Napolitano,” the source said. 
Ciancia’s language and references seemed to put him squarely in the conspiracy-minded world of the antigovernment “Patriot” movement. The New World Order refers to a longstanding conspiracy theory that today, in its most popular iteration, claims that global elites are plotting to form a socialistic “one-world government” that would crush American freedoms. Often, the root of the alleged conspiracy is traced to the 1913 creation of the Federal Reserve and the adoption of fiat currency — paper money that is not backed by gold, as it was once was in the U.S. .... 
One witness told MSNBC that Ciancia asked people at the airport if they were TSA and, if they said they were not, moved on without trying to harm them. 
Yesterday, several news organizations reported that Ciancia was carrying a hand-written document referring to his desire to kill “TSA and pigs.” Pete Williams and Andrew Blankstein of NBC News, who first reported that Ciancia had referred to the New World Order, also wrote that a source said his manifesto “expressed animus toward racial minorities.” Hatewatch was not able to confirm that allegation.

Just another wacko pro-gun conspiracy theory!