Friday, June 7, 2013

Recent IRS and government surveillance scandals prove that Obama is a tyrant and wants to take our guns away!

May, 2013.

According to (surprise, surprise!) conspiracy-theory king Alex Jones and, recent scandals involving IRS investigation of conservative anti-tax groups, the Benghazi attacks, and the seven-year-long government mining of civilian internet and phone data are proof that the government can't be trusted and is, in fact, a tyranny, worthy of being overthrown by armed Americans and "shot dead."

According to Jones:
The illusion of trustworthy government has been destroyed. 
Now the illusion of trustworthy government has been completely shattered. If the IRS would selectively intimidate and threaten Constitutional groups it didn’t like, what else is the government capable of? 
All of a sudden those of us who warned everybody about gun confiscation, FEMA camps and false flags don’t seem so outlandish anymore. Now almost everyone realizes the government is capable of ANYTHING. Especially the Obama administration, which respects no laws and no limits to its power. (Drone strikes, secret kill lists, the continued running of secret military prisons, bypassing Congress with executive orders, and so on.) 
Now the Second Amendment makes total sense. Why do we even have a Second Amendment? The honest, blatant answer is so that as a last-ditch firewall against a tyrannical takeover, the American people can march on Washington with rifles in hand and shoot all the criminals dead. That is the essence of the Second Amendment — a last-ditch failsafe for liberty.  
The only real way to keep government in line, after all, is to make sure those who hold office know that if they become outright traitors to America and refuse to abide by the limits of government described in the Constitution, they might be shot dead by citizens who take their country back by force. (I’m not calling for such an action, by the way. I’m only explaining the historical context of the Second Amendment and what it really means.) 
When citizens are well armed and have the power to do such a thing, that power should never actually be needed because the government fears the people and thus stays within the limits of power. But when the people are disarmed, the government fears nothing and so expands out of control, functioning as a rogue, tyrannical cabal of mobsters and criminals. Read your history books if you don’t believe me. This is the repeated story of government’s rise and fall throughout history. 
Ultimately, this is why the Obama administration wants to take your guns away: Not to make the children safer but to make the citizens defenseless against government tyranny. And yes, that tyranny exists right now. The debate is over. The gun grabbers lost and the Second Amendment won.
Yes, because of a couple of trumped-up "scandals," the government is "capable of anything" and "might be shot dead by citizens" (oh, but he's only saying this in an historical context, right?).  Words matter, Mr. Jones, and insurrectionist talk like this is not only unpatriotic, but treasonous.  But I'm sure his paranoid audience is lapping it up.

Just another wacko pro-gun conspiracy theory!